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USA’s ambassade i Colombo udtrykte i en presse-meddelse mandag glæde over underskrivelsen af aftalen om at skabe en fælles mekanisme vedrørende genopbygningen efter tsunamien og udtalte, at denne mekanisme, hvis den bliver ordentligt gennemført, vil bidrage til at sikre effektiv og retfærdig genopbygnings-hjælp til dem, hvis tilværelse blev slået i stykker af den sydasiatiske tsunami i Nord og Øst Sri Lanka.

USA-erklæringen opfordrede begge parter til at tage alle mulige skridt til at sørge for, at våbenhvilen bliver overholdt og styrket.


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  • Sri Lanka: Rajapaksas demonstrate Mafia tactics of control through Devananda in Jaffna 12. december 2019
    The newly installed SL Minister of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Douglas Devananda has let the hell break loose in Jaffna at three different hotspots, where he has given green signal to illegal sand miners to engage in sand mining. During the previous Rajapaksa regime, Maheswary Foundation, a business outfit run by Mr Devananda’s paramilitary group […]
  • Sri Lanka: SL TID inspections cripple NGO consortium in Ampaa'rai 11. december 2019
    The normal operations of the office of the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organisations in Ampaa'rai district has been thoroughly disrupted by the frequent-inspections and questionings conducted by the ‘Terrorist’ Investigation Division (TID) of occupying Colombo, the representatives of the member organisations in the district told TamilNet on Wednesday. The TID was questioning particularly about the activities […]
  • Sri Lanka: SL State Intelligence harasses another Tamil activist in Jaffna 10. december 2019
    The SL State Intelligence Service (SIS), formerly known as the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), has been harassing 35-year-old Komahan Murugiah from Punnaalai, Jaffna after he denounced a fake news report regarding the Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs). A Jaffna-based Tamil Television, Dan TV, alleged of orchestrating false propaganda in favour of SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had […]
  • Sri Lanka: Veteran political analyst faces surveillance harassment in Jaffna 9. december 2019
    Unknown persons who entered the residence of Jaffna-based Political Analyst and Senior Lawyer S.A. Jothilingam have ransacked the place while the 64-year-old activist was away on Sunday. The ransackers have gone through his possessions in all the rooms and taken away two smartphones used by the activist. The front door and the doors of the […]
  • Australian think tank seeks ‘selective focus’ on building ‘Sri Lanka MDA’ 8. december 2019
    An Australian think tank, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), established by the government in 2001 and partially funded by the country’s Department of Defence has brought out a geopolitical ‘special report’ of the Indo-Pacific Island States in the context of maritime security and major-power competition prevailing in the Indo-Pacific. The study, which is also assisted […]